Recent Reviews

I have been with Cerco IT for the Last 6 month. Cerco has found me a range of work, which I really enjoyed. The first job I got from them is with Mastercard even though its a short term project I relay enjoyed it. It has given me the chance to meet new people and network with different companies.

Thank you.

Sajoy D’Cruz


Field Engineer (Current Employee)
Pros: Always learning
Cerco IT has given me the opportunity to get my foot in the door with IT.
The account managers here are very helpful in trying to find you contracts in your area and really fight your corner too. Sometimes you do have to travel but its a great way of seeing the country.
Just keep your head down and the work will come to you.
As a chef im glad to finally get weekends and nights off. I have even had jobs where the day is all over in an hour.
Everyday on the job is totally different because you meet and deal with a whole range of people which helps develop alot more skills than just IT.

Matthew Longworth


“Cerco have acknowledged my previous IT skills, gained from the Armed Forces and have helped me get on the IT ladder, in the civilian world .
Cerco have put me in a great position where I am increasing my IT knowledge everyday”.

Tom Smith


I have been working for Cerco since February 2018. I found them very friendly and there was no issues about payment. I believe Cerco is a great place to work.

Rejaul Kabir Prodahn


In 2010 I retired from Her Majesties Navy after 33 years. After spending a year doing my own thing I decided that I missed a working environment and the comradery it could bring. So I decided to get a job following a number of unsuccessful applications I received the opportunity to attend a recruiting seminar by CERCO IT in 2011.

Following successful recruitment tests and interview I was offered CERCO IT’s two week orientation and training course with the successful completion leading to possible work as a contractor.

These contracts could be short or long term and may in some instances lead to possible full time employment. There was the also the possibility of being offered interviews with potential employers looking for engineers.

I have during my time working for CERCO IT worked on varied range of jobs for various companies.
These include but are not limited to: BT, VISTA, FUJITSU, HP, etc.

The contacts I was involved with were varied but are again not limited to the following:
Removing and installing Tills, Back Office PC’s, Server’s, Hand Held Terminals, Printers, Chip & Pin machines and Wireless Access Points for various retail outlets.
Removal and installation of equipment for other companies including Government departments.
Carrying out Training and Floor Walking for companies, including government departments.
Carrying out various auditing tasks for companies again including government departments.

Although the work provided is dependent on availability from the various companies requirements for contractors CERCO IT endeavour to encourage companies to use CERCO IT’s engineers. This why CERCO IT are keen to employ engineers that are not only capable of doing the job but have a great work ethic.

I particularly like the fact that I can work very flexibly in that as long as I give CERCO IT reasonable notice and I am not currently on a contract arranged by Cerco IT I can take time out.

John Mennim