Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

Q. Where does the training course take place?
A. The course takes place at Cerco’s headquarter in Crewe, Cheshire.

Q. Where is Crewe?
Crewe is in Cheshire in the North West of England. It is easily accessed with excellent road and rail links.

Q. How quickly after finishing the course will I start working?
A. We aim to get you in employed work as quickly as possible so that we can start recouping the cost of your training.

Q. How much will I be paid?
A. Entry Level engineers earn between £17,550 and £18,550 per annum.

Q. Am I going to be a PAYE or self employed?
A. You will be employed by Cerco IT under their PAYE scheme.

Q. How does Cerco make money if it doesn’t charge for the training?
A. Cerco is paid by its clients to provide trained and reliable staff to work on short or long term projects. Our clients want the best trained contract staff with the best attitude. That’s why we invest in you.

Q. What will accommodation cost during the training?
A. Costs vary depending on whether you want to stay in private accommodation or a hotel. Prices are around £25 to £35 night for four nights.

Q. Where can I find details about accommodation?
A. Please contact Cerco for accommodation options.

Q. How long is the course for?
A. The course takes 5 days and runs from Monday to Friday.

Q. What dates are the courses?
A. The courses run every week, except weeks which have a bank holiday in themPlease contact us for the dates of our upcoming courses.

Q. Can you tell me more about the assessment?
A. You need to make sure Cerco is the most suitable opportunity for you and we need to be certain that we take on the candidates that are right for the way we run our business.

The assessment can be in person or over the phone. It’s very straightforward and all results are kept confidential.