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Core Values


Cerco are invested in providing a high level of customer care. As well as the technical skills to do the job, our candidates are also instilled with the importance of professionalism and courtesy – the end result of which is the delivery an all-encompassing quality service. We care for our employees as individuals and support them in their journey within the IT industry. We are also passionate about providing support for ex-forces individuals with their transition into civilian life by enabling them to start a new career within IT


At Cerco we believe in encouraging suitable people to take their first steps into the IT industry. We hope to give them the tools to create connections to help further their careers. By encouraging people with a passion for IT from a variety of backgrounds, who for whatever reason may not have had opportunities in the past, we aim to create capable engineers with can-do attitudes, benefiting both themselves and our clients.


Respect for people, surroundings and the environment are always at the forefront of our minds at Cerco. We embrace diversity and will seek to promote the benefits of diversity in all of our business activities. We will seek to develop a business culture that reflects that belief through the respect of our employees, clients, and anyone else we come into with. We are also respectful of our surroundings and will always strive to work in a manner that does not unnecessarily impact upon it whilst adhering to the appropriate health and safety measures. At Cerco we are always conscious of how our daily activities effect the environment and are constantly striving to minimise our impact upon it in a practical and cost-effective manner.


We ensure that our engineers are capable of performing the task they are assigned. All of our engineers are placed through a stringent on-boarding process with more advanced candidates having to pass a number of tests and less advanced candidates being offered practical training through our sister company (throughout which they are tested). We never employ candidates who do not pass the tests associated with these onboarding processes thus ensuring a capable workforce our clients know they can rely on.


At Cerco we encourage a culture of oneness (whilst respecting the individual). The best results are achieved by Cerco, employee and client working together as an extension of each other rather than as separate entities.


By focussing on the quality of the individual rather than the CV when resourcing our employees, we ensure that our customers receive the highest calibre of candidates on site. This focus creates opportunities for people suited to the IT industry who might otherwise have been overlooked.


We value transparent relationships with our employees and clients. We strive to be accountable and open in all of our business practices by being honest about what we do, how we do it and the challenges we face. Only then can we foster relationships based on trust and achieve our goals.