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The Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse wanted to update technical equipment across its assets in the UK, Ireland, Isle of Mann and the Channel Islands. We were asked by our customer to provide trained engineers that could install pre-networked devices throughout the entire Carphone Warehouse estate.

Along with these devices there was a requirement to fit a number of 32 inch plasma screens across a significant number of sites. Through market research we discovered that AV organisations were charging high prices for two AV specialists to mount screens of this nature.

We knew we could find a better solution for the customer. We took our most loyal and competent IT people and trained them on a new bespoke AV course that we created in house. The course involved mechanical handling, health and safety and mounting the equipment on a range of different materials. These multi-skilled candidates were then offered at a much-reduced market rate to our customer.

The project was completed successfully and ahead of schedule. Using creative thinking to meet the challenge developed another solution to add to our portfolio and saved a significant amount of money for our partner in the process.